Arda Lotr map soft Minky blanket

Map of Arda Minky Blanket travel

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This is the newest masterpiece from MY Minx Minky Blankets. It’s an extension of our best selling blanket ever.  It is 100% Minky. Even the printed is printed on the high test quality Minky (faux fir) fabric.

Out for printing now! This is our Travel  size 56” x 40”

Border & back will be brown faux fir Minky like in the map of middle earth blanket.

Check out the map of undying lands, numenor, and middle earth. 
Added is an amazing timeline and lineage of key races and figures.

The work that went into this is amazing. Created in collaboration with our designer and other experts. Nothing like it ANYWHERE!

Due to demand allow 3 to 4 weeks to get made and shipped.