Road to FanX 2021 Video Contest

Best videos will be posted weekly & weekly winners selected by YOU our  viewers.


1) Must include a My Minx Blankets Minky blanket.

2) Must be family friendly

3) Under 3 minutes in length

4) Received by Friday at 11:00 PM MST

5) No copywrite materials or

6) No competitors' products

7) Videos must be under 3 minutes

* Monthly winners receive "countdown" My Minx Blanket

** All Monthly winners (plus Teri's choice videos) go to GRAND FINALE

***Grand Finale Selections will be featured at our Boothe at FANX 2021

and winner selected by FanX attendees. Winner receives one of a kind

"I survived Covid"  custom blanket with their crew printed on the blanket!

Email you submissions to

**** Monthly votes done by texting video name to 801-555-VOTE

***** Grande Final votes will be done in person at My Minx Booth @ Fanx 2021